Experience Excellence with Purpose


Dear Communication Colleagues,

We begin the 2021 IABC Gold Quill Awards with a call to all our communication colleagues everywhere in the world to enter your outstanding work to mark moments of excellence and purpose as we rise above adversity, celebrate milestones, advocate for a worthy cause, launch new programs, create, sustain, develop, uplift.

There is no better time than now, when we all in our respective countries are adapting and adjusting to the seismic shift brought about by Covid-19. This is the time when communication’s purpose can help define, reassure, support, encourage, overcome, prepare, contain, resolve, rebuild, and rise up ready for a new day.

The spirit behind the Gold Quill Awards is that of continuous learning and professional growth that salutes you, as a communicator, your team, your organization, and your exceptional communication works that by their strategic relevance, timeliness and innovation, further raise the bar and grow the body of work of our profession.

  • NEW: We have a new category on Covid-19-related programs under Division 1: Communication Management – Category 14B: Covid-19 Response & Recovery Management and Communication. You can also submit videos, writings, publications and other communication tools done for Covid-19-related programs in appropriate categories under the regular Division 4: Communication Skills.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNT EXTENDED & SAME ENTRY FEES WERE RETAINED: The special discounted early bird rate for all entrants – members, non-members and students – is open all the way up to January 8, 2021. The same entry fees were retained.
  • VIRTUAL ROADSHOW: We will be making the rounds of IABC regions and chapters to reach out to colleagues, likewise reaching out to partners and non-members on our Gold Quill Awards.
  • ONLINE GUIDES: The criteria, standards, and step-by-step entry preparation guides for each division, examples of winning entries, templates, and webinar training posted on the Gold Quill Awards site will help you write and submit your entries and primes you to maximize the advantages of joining.

IABC’s Seven-Point Global Scale of Excellence is the standard by which each entry is scored, creating a level-playing field. Diversity and context are celebrated and understood.  Entries do not compete with each other. Rather, entries are scored vis-a-vis the rubrics and standards. Most important, you will also learn through the scores and comments of internationally distinguished communicators who comprise the global Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) evaluators.

You will automatically receive feedback for each of your entries, the actual scores and verbatim constructive comments from the BRP evaluators. This unique feature and strength of the Gold Quill Awards puts value on continuous improvement, professional growth, and learning through valuable feedback.

We embrace diversity as seen in the circle of winners in all these years – from various-sized institutions in different countries: boutique agencies, startups, consultancies, non-profits, educational institutions, governments, students, and companies.

For over 40 years, the Gold Quill Awards has recognized, encouraged, developed, set the standard, raised the bar, and built legacies. As an entrant, awardee, Blue Ribbon Panel Chair, BRP evaluator and Gold Quill Awards mentor for my teams, Awards Committee Vice Chair, and now as the Gold Quill Awards Chair, I have been shaped by this journey, who I am and what I can do as a communicator. I greatly encourage and invite you all to experience this firsthand.

Here are the dates to remember: Submission opens on 8 October 2020.  You can enjoy the early bird discounted rate, extended up to 8 January 2021. The deadline is on 20 January 2021 and the final deadline will be on 1 February 2021.

Join us now, and stand tall among the world’s best!



Ritzi Villarico-Ronquillo, APR, IABC Fellow

Chair, IABC 2021 Awards Committee