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Step 1Ensure and confirm that all aspects of the project follow the IABC Code of Ethics 

Step 2:  Ensure that the entrant played a major role in the project.

The entrant should be the person who was principally responsible for the development, management and execution of the entry. If you want to recognize your team, submit the entry form and the work plan with your name and refer to the team, such as Jane Oliver and Team Honeywell. The name on the entry form must match the name on the work plan.

It is critical that you carefully fill out the contact details for your entry, as all communication about your entry, your evaluation feedback and, should you win, your trophy and attendance at the Excellence Gala, will be sent to the person listed. Should the main contact change (e.g. leave the company, change email address, etc.) it is your responsibility to let us know in writing to recognition@iabc.com.

Step 3Select a Division and Category  

Division 1 –Communication Management projects including a full range of planning and management skills (research, analysis, strategy, tactical implementation and evaluation)

Division 2 –Communication Research – focusing on the research and measurement as a foundation for strategic communication work

Division 3 –Communication Education & Training – projects that educate an audience about any aspect of the communication profession

Division 4 –Communication Skills – tactical elements of a communication plan 

If you’re entering the same program or elements of the program in multiple categories, be sure to tailor your entry materials and work plan so it fits each category.

Step 4: Complete the IABC Awards Entry Work Plan (for Divisions 1, 2, and 3) or for Division 4 Communication Skills online entry form.

The work plan is an executive summary of your communication strategy and MUST be used for entries in Divisions 1, 2, and 3. It can be no more than four pages. Edit your plan to ensure it’s clear and concise. Bullets, tables and lists might help you with saving space.

The work plan MUST be submitted along with your work samples in order to be considered.  Entries missing the work plan will be disqualified.

Do evaluators really pay attention to details such as the permitted font size and the length of the work plan?

  • Yes they do! Entrants are allowed four pages for work plans across Divisions 1–3. For Division 4, entrants must fully complete the brief entry form. Margins must be at least 0.5 inch or 1.27 centimeters on all sides using the standard paper size (8.5” x 11” or A4), and fonts may be no smaller than 10 points. Work plans exceeding the maximum length will be disqualified.

For Division 4 Skills, you just need to complete the online entry form which includes the following questions:

  • Describe your organization. (maximum 800 characters, including spaces)
  • Why was this project undertaken? (maximum 600 characters, including spaces)
  • Who was the audience(s) for this project? What do you know about the audience? (maximum 600 characters, including spaces)
  • List up to three key measurable objectives for the project. How well did the project meet the objectives? (maximum 600 characters, including spaces)
  • List up to three key messages for the project. (maximum 600 characters, including spaces)
  • Describe the resources (budget, time, others) available for the project and how effectively they were managed. (maximum 600 characters, including spaces)

Step 5: Use the IABC Resources!

IABC has developed a number of resources to help you create the best entry possible:

  • IABC Awards Work Plan template
  • How to Guide for IABC Awards
  • Guides and scoresheets used by evaluators to score your entry
  • Samples of work plans from Excellence Award winners

Step 6: Package your work samples for easy uploading

Your work sample(s) can be only submitted in PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, WMV, or M4V formats. If you would like to have a microsite or any other online material reviewed by the evaluators, you may provide a PDF document that includes the appropriate URL address and a short description of the link. Please make sure that any URLs you submit will be live and easily accessed by evaluators at the time of evaluation.

Step 7: Complete the entry form, upload your documents and pay the applicable entry fee.  Then patiently wait for the evaluation process to be complete and notification sent to you if your entry earned the coveted IABC Gold Quill Award!  Notifications are sent around April 1.

Please email us at recognition@iabc.com if you are unsure or have any questions.

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