These articles from Communication World, IABC’s online magazine, give case study overviews of winning Gold Quill Award entries.

“Drive Away Hunger” Campaign Connects a Financial Institution with a Community

“Drive Away Hunger” Campaign Connects a Financial Institution with a Community (full article open to the public)
Carla Warnyca

Research from Food Banks Canada indicates that more than 800,000 Canadians access food banks across the country every month. While hunger is a visible problem in larger urban centers, the reality is that more than 150,000 of food bank users are in small towns and rural centers. That’s why Farm Credit Canada, a self-funded federal… More

Reimagine Downtown VancouverReimagine Downtown Vancouver
Maureen Healey

Vancouver, British Columbia, is consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. The city is also a major tourism destination, with 9 million people visiting in 2015—a new record—and international visits up 8.3 percent. The Conference Board of Canada rated Vancouver the top economic performer among Canadian cities in 2015. Downtown… More

“Bees with Backpacks” Campaign Sheds Light on a Global Problem“Bees with Backpacks” Campaign Sheds Light on a Global Problem (full article open to the public)
Emma Pyers

Globally, honeybees are responsible for producing one-third of the food we eat, through pollination—a service worth hundreds of millions of dollars to agriculture annually. But across the globe, honeybee populations are crashing and the causes are not understood. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency, initiated a research program—the “Swarm… More

Celebrating a School’s Centenery Brings a Community Together After CrisisCelebrating a School’s Centenery Brings a Community Together After Crisis
Susi Maclean

A centenary is an important milestone in the life of any organization, and an opportunity to promote the organization, reinforce brand values, express pride and reconnect with former associates. There’s also no happier place to celebrate than kindergarten—the cornerstone of so many Kiwi neighborhoods. Kidsfirst, one of New Zealand’s largest and oldest early-childhood education organizations… More

“Respect Starts Here” Workplace Anti-bullying Campaign
Nina Paauwe

Bullying and disrespectful behavior in the workplace leads to lost work time, mental health disability claims and high employee attrition rates. At Vancouver General Hospital, a part of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), 110 operating room (OR) days were lost due to staff shortages between May and October of 2013. In the same period, 15 newly trained OR nurses left the unit… More

UPS “Be Your Hero” Campaign Educates Employees About Preventive Health ScreeningsUPS “Be Your Hero” Campaign Educates Employees About Preventive Health Screenings
Shima Kelly

Preventive health screenings save lives. Through screenings, many life-threatening conditions can be discovered earlier, and their effects minimized. At UPS, employees covered under The UPS Flexible Benefits Plan are eligible for free preventive screenings. This includes: Annual physical Well-woman check-up Mammogram Colonoscopies Despite these screenings being covered at 100 percent under the plan, many UPS… More

larryplayingtaps-150x150Delta Air Lines Honors Veterans
Ashley Black

Delta Air Lines employs more than 10,000 veterans and has a long-standing commitment to hiring and celebrating veterans’ service and unique contributions to the company. Delta believes that hiring veterans is not only the right thing to do—it’s also the smart thing to do. Studies have shown that veterans have unique capabilities that often translate… More

jacobs_creek_moscatomonday-768x384Jacob’s Creek Builds a Community with #MoscatoMonday Campaign
Selena Cameron

In mid-2013, Australian winery Jacob’s Creek enlisted Hill+Knowlton to drive sales of its Moscato wine in Canada. The challenge? It wasn’t a new product, and there was nothing new about it: no new packaging or innovation to focus on. Relying on traditional media or PR wouldn’t cut it, because there was simply no news. Hill & Knowlton needed to think beyond the print and broadcast landscape… More


“The Next Episode”: Campaign frames major change as a blockbuster sequel
Megan Thomas

Until recently, Australian media company Foxtel was the only paid subscription TV company in the Australian market. But recent years saw an explosion of new providers, changing the competitive landscape. Telecommunications companies began to offer entertainment services; two streaming video providers, Netflix and Stan, announced they would launch in Australia at lower price points; and illegal downloading became more common… More


Gabi Loring

Winning a Gold Quill Award is validation for a job well done
An interview with Gabrielle Loring

For Gabrielle Loring, senior communication consultant at ROC Group, winning a Gold Quill Award wasn’t just about the prestige it brought to her company: It validated her work and proved that her strategies were on track with the best in the business. We asked her about the experience of winning  two Gold Quill Awards of Excellence in 2015… More



Michael Metzger

What winning a Gold Quill Award can do
An interview with Michael Metzger

What kind of impact does winning a Gold Quill Award have? We asked Michael Metzger to talk about the effect that winning has had on him, personally and professionally. Michael won an Award of Excellence at the 2015 IABC Gold Quill Awards, and his firm Metzger Communications was named one of three finalists for the Boutique Agency of the Year… More


Credit: Sergei Belski

Credit: Sergei Belski

City Communication Campaign Gets Residents to Recycle Organics
Jill Iverson

Diverting residential food and yard waste from landfills has a significant economic and environmental impact. For the city of Airdrie, Alberta, sending organic matter to compost would cost 50% less than sending the same material to a landfill, and this material turns waste into a valuable product … More


ComLab event

ComLab: Building a science communication profession in Russia
Andrey Barannikov

In 2013, a number of studies revealed a huge gap between the scientific community in Russia and Russian society. An annual survey by Russia’s Higher School of Economics (HSE) showed that up to 70% of Russians couldn’t answer basic questions related to science (e.g., Is an electron bigger than an atom?). A possible cause of … More


Copyright: lightpoet / 123RF Stock Photo

Influencers Raise Awareness of Vital Health Care Profession
Michael Grant

Front-line health care professionals like doctors and nurses are generally held in high esteem by the public. However, medical laboratory professionals often don’t enjoy the same level of appreciation because they are not seen by the public and their connection to patient care is not visible. The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) is a national, … More



Emergency department staff of Vancouver General Hospital. Credit: Erich Saide

Innovative Documentary Lets Front-line Emergency Staff Shine
Tiffany Akins and Gavin Wilson, ABC

Hospitals and emergency departments are getting busier as populations age and more chronic diseases develop, but in many places, health care spending is not growing in step with rising patient numbers. In the emergency department at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) in British Columbia, one of Canada’s largest and busiest hospitals, staff and management are trying … More