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Midas Touch Evaluation Criteria FAQ Score Sheet

Evaluation criteria - IABC 2013 Gold Quill Awards

IABC award entries are scored using a seven-point global scale of excellence. All marks start at four, which represents a fully competent approach to communication planning and execution. Work is graded up or down, depending on the content and execution of the project. Marks of seven, one or zero are very rare. Half points may be awarded.

For entries to the Communication Management division, 50 percent of the score will be based on the work plan and 50 percent on the work sample.

For Communication Skills and student entries, 35 percent of the score will be based on the work plan and 65 percent on the work sample.

Any entry that scores between 5.25 and 5.74 receives a Gold Quill Award of Merit. Entries that score 5.75 and above receive a Gold Quill Award of Excellence.

The seven-point scale:

7 Outstanding An extraordinary or insightful approach or result.
6 Significantly better than average Demonstrates an innovative, strategic approach, takes all elements into account and delivers significant results.
5 Better than average Demonstrates a strategic approach and aligns the communication solution with the business need to deliver meaningful results.
4 Average Competent approach or results, professionally sound and appropriate.
3 Somewhat less than satisfactory Several key elements that are critical to the strategy or execution are missing, incorrect or under-represented.
2 An inadequate approach or result A significant number of critical elements are missing.
1 Poor Work that is wrong or inappropriate.
0 No answer or totally inappropriate Work that is completely off-base or doesn’t answer the question.


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