Joanna Liu, winner of the 2016 Sharon Berzok Award for the best student entry talks about what winning a Gold Quill has meant to her and her team. The Blue Ribbon Panel noted the high standard of work submitted in this entry, stating: “The quality was great! These students have submitted work that is exactly what we require of our professional members. They have nailed it.”


Brenda_Tilke_photo“One of the aspects that I appreciate most about the Gold Quill competition is that it requires me to take the time to reflect carefully and in some detail on what I do, why I do it, and how it fits into the company’s goals and strategy.”

 Brenda Tilke, Switzerland



“Winning two Gold Quill Excellence Awards was an awesome recognition of the team’s hard work and smart thinking in both internal and external communications. It also allowed us to demonstrate to our stakeholders in the business that we were doing robust and innovative work. The awards were fantastic third-party endorsement and a seal of quality for the outcomes the team has delivered.”

Ben Matthews, UK

Leonardo Katigbak“We know we have to take direct action so the message can be louder, the advocacy campaigned more vigorously, the passion made more infectious, and the survival of the films ensured for it to be appreciated anew. The road is bumpy, saddled with challenges, reined in by resources and hindered by obstacles that have no apparent solutions, but we persevere and take our small victories where we can. Sometimes, we hit a home-run. The IABC Gold Quill Award validated our efforts and boosted morale… to be recognized in such a prestigious manner made our spirits soar.”

Leonardo Katigbak, Philippines

“We worked hard to design a creative, engaging, fun campaign for our internal client, Our Bank (Westpac’s employee banking team). We were very pleased with the results, as were the Our Bank managers, and then to find out we’d won a Gold Quill Award for the campaign—that was the icing on the cake! Having such prestigious external recognition meant a great deal to us.”

Susan Rockliffe, New Zealand

“We are in the talent business, and talent needs inspiration and recognition. Knowing that you are among the best matters a lot. As communicators, we do our magic behind the curtain – it’s the client who we put in the limelight. So industry awards are one of the rare opportunities for us to come up the stage and get a deserved round of applause. The IABC Gold Quill Awards program is definitely one of the most difficult contests we’ve ever competed in—all the more joy we feel about our results.”

Andrey Barannikov, Russia